While premium increases are lower than in recent years and substantially lower than State Government health cost increases, the industry is far from complacent according to Private Healthcare Australia (PHA) CEO Dr. Rachel David.

With private health insurance premiums rising on average 5.59% tomorrow, the Federal Government must act quickly to ensure that this does not continue to happen year after year.

Private Health Insurance is a highly regulated industry. Some of these regulations now act to keep prices artificially high and lead to obvious rorting of the system. The private health insurance industry cannot act on these issues without Federal government action. Two areas stand out where consumers are being slugged mercilessly. They are the price we pay for medical devices and the actions of State Governments.

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PHI Funds Keep Premiums Affordable


The Government’s announcement that the average premium increase for Private Health Insurance Funds will be 5.59%, the lowest increase in four years, demonstrates the industry’s commitment to keeping premiums affordable for its members.

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Health Funds Increase Efficiency


Health Funds have become increasingly efficient with both management expense ratios and net margins reducing significantly in recent years.

The Private Health Insurance Industry’s MER has been dropping progressively since 2008 from 10.5% to 8.5% in 2014.

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PHI Rebate Keeps Pressure off Public Hospitals


The Private Health Insurance Rebate helps to keep premiums affordable, encourages Australians to take out private health cover and eases pressure on the public hospital system, Private Healthcare Australia Chief Executive, Dr Rachel David said today.

“Each year in its pre-budget submission, the Australian Council of Social Services calls for an end to the Private Health Insurance Rebate and each year ACOSS fails to acknowledge the crucial role the Rebate plays in both the private and public sectors of Australia’s health system,” Dr David said.

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Private patients paying too much for medical implants and surgical supplies


The Private Health Insurance Industry welcomes the Government’s plan to reform prostheses pricing in Australia as an important step towards containing spiralling health costs, and keeping health insurance premiums affordable.

PHA Chief Executive, Dr Rachel David said reforming the Federal Government scheme, which establishes benefits for medical devices, will significantly reduce upward pressure on private health insurance premiums.

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