Private patients paying too much for medical implants and surgical supplies


The Private Health Insurance Industry welcomes the Government’s plan to reform prostheses pricing in Australia as an important step towards containing spiralling health costs, and keeping health insurance premiums affordable. PHA Chief Executive, Dr Rachel David said reforming the Federal Government scheme, which establishes benefits for medical devices, will significantly reduce upward pressure on private …

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PHA calls for Inquiry into Wastage in Healthcare


“Exposing and stopping wastage in the Australian health system would deliver savings to Government and lead to improved healthcare without the need to raise taxes,” according to Private Healthcare Australia CEO, Dr Michael Armitage.

Dr Armitage said the Council of Australian Governments should explore opportunities to fund improved health services by reducing wastage in the Australian health system.

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Private Healthcare Australia calls for Prostheses Pricing Reform


Private Healthcare Australia has renewed calls for the Australian Government to reform prostheses pricing rules following a Federal Court action launched by a United States medical implant manufacturer.

PHA Chief Executive Dr Michael Armitage said the Australian Government would save $2.6 billion between now and 2020 by reforming prostheses pricing so that Australians paid no more than international consumers.

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PHI Rebate Keeps Pressure off Public Hospitals


The Australian Council of Social Service call for the Private Health Insurance Rebate to be scrapped is irresponsible and the arguments being used by ACOSS to back its position are, simply put, false.

The private sector plays a key role in Australia’s health system, with 58% of surgical procedures carried out in private hospitals. This includes chemotherapy treatment, joint replacements and other non‐discretionary surgical procedures.

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Private Health Cover gives you a Choice


There is a campaign by some public hospitals to pressure patients to declare their private health insurance without providing the benefits that private health cover can offer.

This is a grab for cash by the public hospital sector.

The national Medicare agreement entitles every Australian to free healthcare in a public hospital, and it is everyone’s right to expect free treatment, if they choose.

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